Greek Islands

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Magical islands, sparkling beaches, crystal clear waters, stunning sunsets, breathtaking vistas, plus the biggest and best parties in the Mediterranean. Yes, the undisputed best value Greek Island Hopper tour of all time is right here!

Greece's Best Islands

We've selected Greece's very best island destinations and campsites - Santorini's incredible volcanic scenery, the massive party island of Ios and the brilliant beaches of Mykonos. At each location you have the choice of your own Fanatics tent or bungalow cabin upgrade and all transfers are on Greece's high speed ferries. All tours start and finish in Athens.

Sunday Departures

Our tours depart Athens every Sunday from 9 July to 20 August. You also have the choice of 6 night (3 islands) & 4 night (2 islands) options. Simply select your preferred tour option below and then choose your package dates on the next page.