Tour info

Wimbledon 2018 - Fanatics Sleep-Outs

Tour Dates:

2-15 July, 2018

Tour Length:

14 Days/13 Nights

Tour highlights
  • "Right from the beginning the atmosphere was awesome. It was not at all like your typical Wimbledon crowd full of rich people drinking Pimms and eating strawberries and cream - it was more like a football match. Everyone cheered as Jack Nicholson arrived..." - Jo, Sydney
Each year during Wimbledon we organise a series of sleep-outs to line up for tickets to see the Aussies in action. Check out the photos opposite for some highlights from past years, contact us to register your interest then come and join us!

What's Required

Aside from plenty of Aussie spirit, part of the deal of coming to Wimbledon with Fanatics is you must wear a Fanatics shirt at the tennis. If you've got a yellow Fanatics tour t-shirt you can wear that, otherwise let us know and we'll bring one down for you to buy (Fanatics t-shirts £15, caps £5). We also hire tents for £5 per person on shared basis (please advise if you require a tent). There is a left luggage service in the overnight queuing area available to store bags for the whole day while watching the tennis. Note that no flags are allowed - they'll be confiscated!

How to Register

Email to register your name and we will email you as soon as the draw & our subsequent Round 1 sleep-out date is determined. As the tournament progresses you'll need to contact us to register for our Round 2 sleep-outs and beyond.

What to Bring: Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, some snacks & drinks (or you can buy from the vendors in the park), camera, sun screen, cash to buy Fanatics merchandise and the all-important tennis ticket.

Ticket Prices

The tickets we purchase each day at Wimbledon depends upon which court the Aussie boys get drawn to play on. Usually they will likely play on a show court even in the early rounds, although the court allocation doesn't happen until the evening before each round. Everyone on our sleep-out needs to bring enough cash to cover up to the most expensive ticket.

We will try to buy everyone's ticket together for the same court after everyone has assembled at our sleep-out. Your ticket will also allow access to all general admission areas including all the outside courts:

(2017 prices for Centre Court, Court 1, Court 2, Court 3)

Monday 3 July (£56, £45, £41, £41)
Tuesday 4 July (£56, £45, £41, £41)
Wednesday 5 July (£73, £57, £49, £49)
Thursday 6 July (£73, £57, £49, £49)
Friday 7 July (£95, £74, £62, £62)
Saturday 8 July (£95, £74, £62, £62)
Monday 10 July (£112, £82, £68, £68)
Tuesday 11 July (£112, £82, £42, n/a)
Wednesday 12 July (£135, £98, £38, n/a)

Note: all tickets need to be paid for in cash.

CLICK HERE for more information on tickets and the queuing process.