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    Government officials in Britain have discovered chimpanzee meat being sold in restaurants and markets stalls, part of a lucrative black market trade that is flourishing through Europe.

    The chimpanzee meat is understood to have been discovered following raids by trading standards in the Midlands, according to a report in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.

    The meatcan cost more than 20 a kilogram.

    Last year, the first research on the import of bushmeat into Europe found over 270 tonnes passing through the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris alone.

    Dr Marcus Rowcliffe, research fellow at the Zoological Society of London and an expert on the trade, told the Daily Mail that at least five tonnes of bushmeat arrives in Europe every week.

    "I’m not at all surprised that bushmeat is on sale in the Midlands because we know the trade is going on in the UK and that there is a regular flow of smuggled meat into the country.

    "However, it is not often that chimpanzee is found as that is rare even in the markets of Africa, so I am surprised by that.

    "When we carried out our study at Charles de Gaulle airport, we estimated that five tonnes a week was coming into Europe and then being distributed across the continent by traders in Paris."

    According to the Born Free foundation, nearly 7,500 tonnes of illegal meat products enter Britain every year, the newspaper reported.

    Once in Britain, more than half the illegal meat is distributed through wholesalers or sold at local street markets.

    The trade in bushmeat has become big business and although accurate figures are difficult to find, it is estimated that the international trade in wild animal products has a value of more than 2.5 billion.

    Dr Rowcliffe’s team predicted that a 4kg monkey would cost around 85 from smugglers in France, whereas the price would be as little as 4 in Africa.


    I couldn't think of an appropriate section to post this so I decided this was the nearest I would find.

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    Originally posted by Swanny
    was this a joke Hermit?

    Why would I want to joke about it?? it's DEADLY serious,i certainly would not want to be eating Chimpanzee meat like the poms obviously are doing, that was a cutting from a pommy newspaper. Incidentally here is another cutting from a POMMIE Journo....

    England's wicketkeeping policy is beginning to make you wonder if they'd consider strapping gloves on to a chimpanzee if there were runs in the ape."
    Martin Johnson