La Tomatina Tomato Throwing Festival Spain





There are plenty of theories on how the legend of La Tomatina came about. The beauty of it all is no one really knows!

The old man selling cups of local brew on the street corner will tell you it all began when Don Juan, a Spanish villain and notorious womanizer, was pelted with tomatoes in response to his dreadful singing voice and appalling guitar ability.

The little kids trying to make some extra pocket money by looking after your backpack for the night, will swear it was started by a group local rascals raiding a fruit-stand in the town centre and hurling them at each other in a fleeting, moment of madness.

And the local women eagerly selling their souvenir T-shirts will say that over 50 years ago a parade, honouring the town’s patron saint Luis Bertràn, ended in carnage when a local produce cart was crushed spilling thousands of ripe tomatoes onto the streets. In true Spanish-fiesta spirit they were promptly picked up and launched at anyone in sight.

Whatever legend of La Tomatina you may hear, or choose to believe, nothing comes close to those few breathtaking hours when over 20,000 people ram the streets armed with 250,000 pounds of glorious tomatoes.

Forget the term food fight, this is an all-in war!


Once a year the sleepy mountain village of Buñol comes alive with thousands of people and truckloads of tomatoes for one of the most amazing spectacles you will ever see! The morning action gets underway when a ham is placed on top of a tall, greased pole in front of the local town hall. The Tomato chaos can only get underway once someone is able to climb the slippery pole and grab the ham. It's hilarious as heaps of people try to scale this pole, climbing over each other, in order to be the illustrious one to claim the ham.

Once the ham is snatched the chanting rises to a fever pitch as the trucks roll in and dump masses upon masses of ripe & ready tomatoes in the centre of town, Plaza del Pueblo, and the surrounding streets. The signal for the beginning of the throwing is the firing of five bulbous (tomato-packed rockets) out of a canon and into the air.

The crowd erupts into a deafening roar and this launches everyone into a flinging and slinging frenzy. Lock and load because it's on!

Forget that Sangria headache from the night before, you are now in the world's largest food fight! This is a salsa riot, this is insane!


Fanatics first attended La Tomatina when swanning around southern Spain a decade ago and have been going back ever since. The world’s biggest food fight combined with the sunny beaches of Valencia & Ibiza makes this the ideal European summer getaway!



Regardless of your accommodation preference Fanatics have the pick of where to stay in Valencia. Our luxury hotel has everything you could ask for including roof-top pool and is perfectly located on the edge of Valencia's old town centre and a short metro ride from Valencia’s main beach, America’s Cup base and F1 street circuit.

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At each location our experienced crew will be on hand for the duration of your stay to make sure everything is taken care of for you. At our campsite tents are already set up ready for you to throw your bag in before heading down to the beach for some of that Spanish sun! At our hotel and hostels our crew will be there to show you around town before heading to Valencia’s best beach & bars.

Best of all our transfers will take you from your accommodation to Buñol for La Tomatina and our crew will get you straight into the thick of the action so you don’t miss a thing. Forget standing out in the mid-day sun for hours waiting for the local train and let us get you to the festival and back in comfort!


No one parties like the Spanish and Valencia is the ideal summer party town with plenty of cafes, bars and clubs in the historic town centre. We’ll also check out the new bars down by Valencia’s brand new Americas Cup and F1 seaside complex, and of course in addition to all the action in town our campsite parties keep the festival spirit kicking with our DJ and plenty of cheap beer & sangria!

Local Culture

As with any trip to a European festival half of the fun is mixing it up with the local people and experiencing a culture for the first time. In addition to getting stuck into a festival unlike any other in the world we’ve lined up some of the best of Valencia’s bars and nightlife for you to enjoy!

More Time At Tomatina

Our exclusive shuttles mean you’ll beat the crowds to Buñol and get a great position to see all of the action in the lead up to the throwing of the first tomato. La Tomatina happens in the village’s tiny main street and each year thousands of people miss out on seeing the thick of the action. Don’t risk it and let us take care of your travel for you!

In addition to our Buñol transfers people on our beach camping packages will be able to take our coaches into town for our Valencia old town parties before & after La Tomatina.


Pre-Departure Information

Our pre-departure information including details on what to bring and directions to each of our accommodation options will be online here in the weeks leading up to the festival.

Fanatics Facebook Group

Sign up to the Fanatics La Tomatina Event on Facebook to keep up to date with tour details before departure, ask us any questions or chat amongst the other guys coming along on tour!


If you’d like to extend your Spanish experience beyond La Tomatina we’ve got tour extensions to Spain’s top party destinations. So if you’d like to spend a couple of days in Barcelona or hit Spain’s number #1 party island of Ibiza, check out our Specialty Tours and let us take care of things for you!


Direct flights from London to Valencia are available on Iberia, British Airways, EasyJet and Ryan Air. Valencia Airport is connected to the city centre by the local metro.

Valencia is also accessible from other Spanish cities by train and coach, see Renfe and Movelia for details. For train information from elsewhere in Europe check out Rail Europe.