La Tomatina Tomato Throwing Festival Spain


Pre-Departure Information


Here are some ideas on what to bring along with you to La Tomatina:

The Essentials

  • Passport (a visa is not required for Aussies & Kiwis)
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen, hat & sunnies!
  • ATM card & some Euros in cash so you have cash available on arrival

At the Tomato Festival

Needless to say, the festival gets messy so you should dress accordingly:

  • Strong, fully enclosed shoes to wear at the tomato throwing e.g. trainers (no thongs, sandals or loose fitting footwear)
  • Goggles are optional - they get fogged up!
  • You should bring a towel and dry change of clothes with you which you can leave on the coach and change into before we depart Bunol
  • There are food & drink vendors at the festival or you can pre-purchase some snacks & water before Wednesday to take on the coach - no glass! Be sure to have plenty of water & food before joining the crowds in Bunol to reduce the risk of dehydration, fainting, etc.
  • A small amount of money for food & drinks in Bunol before & after the tomato fight (€30-€50)
  • Local vendors in Bunol also sell goggles, t-shirts & waterproof cameras

Travel Insurance

Travelling without travel insurance is a recipe for disaster. Get it now!

Don't forget to bring along:
  • Travel insurance policy number & your insurer's emergency contact details
  • List of personal emergency contact numbers
  • Record of all personal items in case of loss & making an insurance claim (e.g. passport number, flight info, etc). Leave one copy at home and bring one copy with you.

Australian Government Travel Advice

All travellers should register their details & travel plans with their government via websites such as those listed below.

Australians should read all the latest travel advice for Spain available on the Australian Government’s Smartraveller website.

The Australian Embassy contact number in Madrid is (+34) 91 353 6600.

Other Government Travel Advice