Skifest - Ski & Snowboard Week


What to Bring


Here's what you'll need for Skifest (if you have booked the CLOTHING HIRE PACK your jacket, trousers, gloves, goggles & socks will be ready for collection when you arrive in Val Thorens):

  • Jacket: waterproof, preferably breathable, with hood, either insulated or just a shell;

  • Ski Trousers: waterproof, preferably breathable, either insulated or just a shell;

  • Hat: Skifest beanie included!

  • Protective gear: a helmet and wrist guards are always a good idea for snowboarders, these can also be rented/purchased at our ski hire shop for around €15 each;

  • Gloves: must be waterproof;

  • Goggles: needed for when it's snowing or very windy, also keeps you warm in very cold days;

  • Fleece: a fleece jumper under your jacket to keep you warm;

  • Thermals: ideally "wicking" fabric, makes big difference to your warmth;

  • Socks: thick and long! Ideally a few pairs;

  • Sunscreen: factor 30 or above. The UV rays are stronger being at altitude plus the reflection off the snow;

  • Bath towel;

  • Linen: The apartments have blankets but bed sheets are not provided. You can bring your own, or they can be hired at the resort for approximately €15 for the week. Alternatively you can bring a sleeping bag.
In addition to your normal clothing for a week away we recommend:

  • Sports shoes for walking around the resort;

  • Daypack to carry supplies with you on the slopes (water bottle, snacks, spare hat & gloves, etc.)

Also remember:

  • Your passport;

  • French visa: Australia, New Zealand & UK (for now!) passport holders do not require a visa to enter France. However, South African citizens (among others) do require a visa. It is up to each individual to arrange this prior to the tour;

  • ATM card - a valid credit or debit card is required as security for your ski/snowboard hire;

  • Some Euros in cash;

  • €100 in cash for the compulsory accommodation security deposit;

  • Personal emergency contact phone numbers;

  • Your travel insurance policy number and insurer's contact telephone numbers;

  • Personal medication;

  • Fancy dress costume: our theme is "BRITAIN vs EUROPE" so get your outfits ready!

  • Secret Santa Christmas present to the value of £5