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  • AFL Round 13 Preview

    G¡¦day Fanatics and welcome to Round 13 of the AFL. Let¡¦s hope that Lleyton, Flip, Wayno, and Scotty are still up and running at Wimbledon at the completion of this weekends fixtures. This is a real tough weekend for tipsters. TW will try ...

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    Thu 27/06/2002 Comments (0) 37 views
  • "I'll buy any spares"

    Image: Allsport The French Open, Roland Garros as it called by the French, is a unique tennis event. The years second Open, it has all the makings of a great two weeks. While Australia hasn't done as well as we would have liked over the ...

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    Mon 24/06/2002 Comments (1) Nifty Neville fowler 61 views
  • AFL Round 12 Week 2

    Image: Getty Images If the second half of round 12 is as half as good as the first week then we are in for a great weekend of footy. The biggest margin in the four games last weekend was 11 points and two games were separated by a total of 3 po...

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    Fri 21/06/2002 Comments (0) 15 views
  • AFL Preview Round 12 Part 1

    Image: Getty Images Round 12 is the annual spilt round which allows the player’s a week’s break and allows for die hard footy fanatics to spend some quality time with family, and friends. Last season, a friend of mine discovered that hi...

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    Fri 14/06/2002 Comments (0) 15 views
  • June NRL Premiership Predictions

    Image: Getty Images 1st. Parramatta Firstly, I support them and they owe me. Haven't really hit their straps yet but have talent all over the park and all the other sides don't want to play them. 2nd. Brisbane Simiilar talent to Parramatta a...

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    Thu 13/06/2002 Comments (0) Dean Budha woodbury 44 views
  • Big Max, Lava and the Long Run Home

    Even before the 12th Man immortalised Big Max, Mike Gibson, Chappelli, and a previously little known gymnast called Rick Disnek with his memorable debut album in the late 1980s, Channel 9’s Wide World of Sports was an integral part of Australia...

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    Sun 09/06/2002 Comments (3) Luke Bennett 70 views
  • The Irish Oracle's guide to the next World Cup Matches

    Welcome to the definitive World Cup guide. Forget everything you've seen or heard before now, the Irish Oracle is all-seeing and all-knowing, and not open to discussion on this. Today sees 3 excellent games being fought out with some genuine conte...

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    Fri 07/06/2002 Comments (3) The Irish oracle 37 views

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