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Pamplona '09 My Run With The Bulls!

I ran the second day July 8th and it was amazing, completely unlike anything I've ever done before. The day started with a 4:30am wake up call to jump on the bus and get into town for a bite to eat (not that I was hungry as I was too nervous!).

We hit the track at 6:30am and waited... and waited.... and waited.... it was the longest 80 minutes of my life. Police blocked half the track off until 7:50am when they finally let us through to pick our starting spot along the track. By this stage I was so nervous and wondering what the heck I was doing and suddenly the first rocket went off and the bulls were on their way.

I started running then pulled up and waited about 300m from the ring. The streets were totally packed and you could tell when the bulls were coming as you could hear them and see people sprinting. As the first few bulls went past I took off and tried to make it to the ring. I got about 200m from the ring and had to pull over as more bulls were coming, bare in mind the track was only 6-8 metres wide with hundreds of people trying to get out of the bulls way.

The bulls thundered past within meters from me, and then everyone around me started sprinting (which was a dangerous part, because if you fell over you were bound to be trampled). I finally made it into the ring and watched the last few bulls enter the ring. I jumped over the barrier and watched the steers run a muck. The whole morning was an experience I will never forget. My adrenalin was pumping the entire day!

Pamplona is definitely the highlight of my travels so far and I would recommend it to anyone...just don't get hit by a bull!
Fri 02/04/2010 Craig Mckeand 551 views

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