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Probably one of the best festivals known to man. Imagine thousands of people from all over the word, coming together to one city; Munich, to get involved in the German spirit of Oktoberfest. Now most people believe it to be a case of just beer halls all lined up with endless amount of beer, but in-fact its so much more. The amount of families that are there with their children and people from all ages is phenomenal.

The Oktoberfest grounds is located about a 10min walk from the train station on a massive show ground. There are rides, stalls, schnapps bars and even wine bars aswell as the beer halls. The main attraction outside of the beer halls would have to be the food stands. Endless amounts of pork knuckles, schnitzels, bratswurts and herring rolls, all of which must be tried atleast once.

Inside the beer halls is a completely different scenario. A ll the men are dressed in their Lederhosens and the women in their Dirndls, wall to wall packed with steins and chanting. For a first timer it can be quite overwhelming but once you get that first stein in your hand and your first 'Prost' you soon learn to get involved.

The beer wenches are the ones that really make it memorable. Women carrying upto 8-10 steins and men upto 12-14 at one time. The fact that they are working around round the clock and in such demand is unbelievable, you look after the wenches and they will look after you.

No matter if you go for a day, a weekend or a week you will have one of the most amazing experiences. My only tip for those who are Ofest virgins is NO THONGS in the beer halls. I learned the hard way and a week on crutches is doable but not recommended!
Sat 03/04/2010 Clare Stephenson 373 views

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