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A messy few days

Up there with the best 4 days of my life for sure. I’d heard my friends talk about Oktoberfest 2008 and I couldn’t grasp what they were on about when they said you have a couple of beers then they all lost each other and ended up having the most random time with loads of people they’d never met. However, that is EXACTLY what it is like.

Lining up to get into the Hoffbrou tent was an experience in itself as we clambered over the top of all the outdoor tables to get in. We sorted loads of tables in a massive group which set the scene for a day of drinking debauchery. The worst part of Oktoberfest has to be sitting in the beer tent, hangover as anything, waiting from like 9am till 12 when the first beers are served. But once the booze starts flowing, its only about 10 minutes before everyone’s into the spirit of things, dancing on tables, singing, chatting to randoms and generally causing chaos. The best thing about Oktoberfest is you seem to get to a perfect level of drunk within about half an hour of starting on the beers and for some unknown reason you seem to stay that way all day no matter how much booze you consume so its like being the perfect drunk for hours on end.

The atmosphere in the beer tents is amazing. The first day we hung mostly with Aussies and Kiwis and stuck with the tour crew, but then the other days we explored other tents and its well worth doing – it’s a crazy experience sitting at a table full of Germans and trying to communicate with people who speak no English and are half cut and everyone wants to be friends. You can get a totally different experience in each of the tents you go in so whether you want to party with locals or tourists its totally up to you. It was also real sunny so sitting out in the beer gardens was great, and there are loads of amazing rides to hit when you are wasted. It’s the kind of festival where you can cruise off and hang with loads of different people during the day, and easily find everyone again whenever you need to. I’d travelled the whole summer starting at pamps, and it was amazing how many people I recognized and that I’d met on my travels that all ended up at Oktoberfest for one big final party.

The photos tell an amazing story and fill in the gaps of what I cannot remember. We had a couple of injuries along the way – some guy came flying across the table and knocked heads with my friend (she’s pretty retarded so it was no surprise) so hard she had an egg sized lump sticking out of her forehead. Nothing another stein didn’t fix though. A epic few days which I can’t wait to do again this year.
Wed 12/05/2010 Abby Page 548 views

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