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Dave's World Cup blogs - The allegory of the Vuvuzella

Having been in South Africa for over a week now I can report that I have discovered the route of all the World's economic problems - the allegory of the Vuvuzella!

They are the highly controversial, deafness educing, children’s toy that is currently blighting the World greatest sporting event.

The allegory of the Vuvuzella can be summed up in the individual’s decision of when is an appropriate time to use the dreaded trumpet, and in what context - not only during matches but in day to day life.

People have the option to use them in either one of three acceptable scenarios - a sensible and responsible individual fashion, whilst attending a football match, as part of a co-ordinated and appropriately self regulated impromptu orchestra, whilst attending a football match, or to celebrate a goal, whilst attending a football match.

However, much the same as our un-regulated global financial markets, if you give people access to unlimited amounts of colourful plastic, whose use or mis-use is only really detrimental to others, then you have created the monster and allowed it to grow.

Similarly if you allow unlimited use of this resource, by foreigners who merely want to come into a developing country and use the resource for a small period of time, with no thought given to the wider environmental damage the use of that resource is causing, then calamity awaits.

FIFA's illustrious leader, Sepp Blatter, has espoused the view that the Vuvuzella market will essentially govern itself and that it would be inappropriate to regulate against what is considered to be a cultural phenomenon.

I don’t remember off the top of my head but I think that is from page 43 of the best selling but ultimately ruinous George W Bush recipe(for disaster) book.
Much as the GFC spilled from Wall Street to Main Street so the lack of regulation around the use of the Vuvuzella has caused the blight to spread from the Stadia to the Shopping Mall.

Reckless Vuvuzella use in airports, train stations, bars, restaurants and every other public place have been the wages of sin reaped from the unrestricted and ungoverned use of the infuriating devices in the place where they rightfully belong.

All that is left is for the governments of the world to get involved and to save the people most affected by the scourge of easily accessible trumpets – those true football fans who have paid thousands in travel, tickets and accommodation to witness the World Cup in person.

I am proposing an international fund be established to buy back all the toxic Vuvuzella’s that have flooded the South African system thus restoring parity to the World Cup market and enabling those who have responsibly invested in the trip of a lifetime to enjoy the fruits of their labour in peace.
Mon 14/06/2010 Irish Dave 450 views

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