Running of the Bulls - Pamplona


Pre-Departure Information


Please ensure you read all the information below before you depart.

The Essentials

Here's a quick check-list of things you'll need to bring along to Pamplona:
  • Passport
  • Essential personal medication
  • Your travel insurance details
  • Euros cash (there's no cash machine at the campsite)

Camping Passengers

  • Sleeping bag (pre-purchase here)
  • Sleeping mat & pillow are included for all campers
  • Hoodie (it can get cool at night)
  • Swimming costume (for the campsite pool & San Sebastian day trip)


  • Bring clothing for possible hot, cool or rainy weather.
  • Pamplona is 450m above sea level, nights are cool to cold while days are mild to very hot.
  • Due to broken glass on the streets closed shoes should be worn at all times when in town (i.e. don’t wear thongs/flip-flops, sandals, etc).

Respect the Tradition of Wearing White in Pamplona

A big part of attending Pamplona's San Fermin Festival is respecting the traditions of the festival, and in the process not looking like an ignorant or disrespectful tourist.

During the entire San Fermin festival every person wears white clothing & a red scarf whilst in town, every day & every night from 6-14 July inclusive.

All Fanatics travellers will receive their included white tour t-shirt & red scarf when they arrive. Cheap white trousers plus ladies style San Fermin shorts are also available to purchase at the campsite, hostels & hotel, so there's no need to buy anything before you depart.

It's also a great idea to purchase a spare Fanatics t-shirt when you arrive so you've got a clean white shirt to wear in town from 7 July onwards (the champagne & sangria tends to make a mess of your shirt at the Opening Ceremony on 6 July).

Fanatics Pamplona Wristband

All Fanatics passengers will be issued with a Fanatics Pamplona tour wristband upon check-in at their accommodation. It is a high strength durable wristband and is required to be worn at all times. The wristband is essential for boarding Fanatics coach shuttles. It also serves as identification at your accommodation and in case of emergency in town (carrying passport/license/wallet in town poses very high risk of being lost or stolen).

BYO Alcohol Not Permitted at Campsite

Our campsite does not permit guests to bring their own alcohol into the campsite. Never fear, the campsite's bar, restaurant, plus on site mini-mart sell cheap & cold beer, sangria, wine & lots more!


  • Some Euros in cash (eg. €50-100) so you have cash available on arrival (there is no ATM at the campsite; there are plenty of ATMs in town & at the coach station).
  • Lockers with built in lock are available to rent at our Pamplona campsite - they will fit multiple small items such as cameras, wallet, mobile phones etc. A small combination lock can be used for locking your tent zippers.
  • Money belt to carry cash, passport etc. Note however, it is not advisable to take valuables, credit cards, passport, etc. into town.

Travel Insurance

Travelling to Europe without travel insurance is a recipe for disaster - get it now! Whether it’s urgent medical assistance, replacing lost luggage, making an urgent trip home or cancelling your trip altogether, the costs can be astronomical. Note - physically running with the bulls is an extreme risk activity that will not usually be covered (you're fine if you're watching from the stands etc), however, your travel insurance will cover all the normal elements of your San Fermin Running of the Bulls tour.

For your own purposes, don't forget to bring along:
  • Travel insurance policy number & your insurer's emergency contact details.
  • List of personal emergency contact numbers.
  • Record of all personal items in case of loss & making an insurance claim (eg. passport number, flight info, proof of purchase receipts, etc). Leave one copy at home and bring one copy with you.

Australian Government Travel Advice

All travellers should register their details & travel plans with their government via websites such as those listed below.

Australians should read all the latest travel advice for Spain available on the Australian Government’s Smartraveller website.

The Australian Embassy contact number in Madrid is (+34) 91 353 6600.

Other Government Travel Advice

All Fanatics passengers are strongly advised to read the info on the Pamplona City Council website to enable you to take the necessary precautions to avoid any physical harm whilst participating in the San Fermin celebrations.

Fanatics Accommodation Details + Transfer Options

Please refer to Fanatics Pamplona website for details & directions specific to your chosen accommodation or coach departure point (print & bring the details for easy reference). For check-in we require your passport as ID. A copy of your Fanatics invoice is very helpful though not essential.

Fanatics coach transfers to or from Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid & San Sebastian are available to book online here.

Ibiza Tourist Tax & Deposits

Our Ibiza hotel requires a €2.20 per person per night tourist tax in cash at check-in. The hotel also charges deposits for TV remotes (€10), hair dryers (€10), beach towels (€5) & adaptors (€5).

Payment must be made in cash, the key deposit will be returned when you check-out.