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  • If the Wallabies wheels fall off in a forest....

    So a wee bit of rain and the wheels fall off the Wobblies bandwagon? Seems like we're a shoe in to NOT win the World Cup next year. I guess it will be kind of relaxing going into a tournament with no expectations for once. Seems that for most othe...

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    Wed 22/11/2006 Comments (0) Dave Rooney 503 views
  • Ashes 06/07: ...........PLAY !!!

    Just a couple of days to go until the first test and anticipation for the first ball is growing as quickly as Madonna’s family. England faltered against a Prime ministers’ XI in their first tour match because they simply couldn’t be bothe...

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    Tue 21/11/2006 Comments (0) Chris Clarke 790 views
  • Ducks and Jaques Simply Don't Mix

    Phil Jacques should play in the first Ashes test next week, but not in the opening role as has been suggested. With Justin Langer and Matthew Hayden firmly entrenched at the top of the order, it still seems ridiculous to leave out a man who has...

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    Thu 16/11/2006 Comments (4) Clint Testa 488 views
  • We'll be singing, even if your winning

    Just over 3 weeks to go, and the fans on both sides are warming up the vocal chords and might I add, the Australian chants suck. I found a couple of yours on the BBC website Cheer up Michael ...

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    Wed 01/11/2006 Comments (8) Chris Clarke 1624 views

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