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  • Escape from the Bulls in San Sebastian - City by the Sea-Side

    This is a city you'll never forget! It's as if best of Spain has been mashed all together to make up what is known as Donostia - sun, surf, beaches, tapas bars and of course the passionate people of the Basque region! When a break was needed fr...

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    Wed 21/04/2010 Comments (0) Timm Lanyon 366 views
  • Team profile: Ghana - formerly know as "The Gold Coast"

    The Ghanaian “Black Stars” are the Socceroos second opponent in Group D. And before anyone gets all Harry Connick Jr. on me, their nick name derives from the fact that their flag is dominated by a large Black Star! Hailing from the footb...

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    Wed 07/04/2010 Comments (0) Irish Dave 377 views
  • Did anyone say tomatoes?

    Well if you didnt like tomatoes before you will love them after La Tomatina. The thought now of being back in Bunol for the tomato fight still puts a smile on my face, the fact that you are surrounded by people you have only met minutes before and...

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    Sat 03/04/2010 Comments (0) Clare Stephenson 450 views
  • I'm Prosting!

    Probably one of the best festivals known to man. Imagine thousands of people from all over the word, coming together to one city; Munich, to get involved in the German spirit of Oktoberfest. Now most people believe it to be a case of just beer hal...

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    Sat 03/04/2010 Comments (0) Clare Stephenson 373 views
  • Hogmanay Street Party

    In Edinburgh, Scotland only 2 things gear you up for the worlds biggest street party - a plate of haggis & tatties followed by the purchase of an authentic tartan kilt! Amongst a crowd of 200,000 thousand plus New Years party goers its hard no...

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    Fri 02/04/2010 Comments (0) Timm Lanyon 405 views
  • Pamplona '09 My Run With The Bulls!

    I ran the second day July 8th and it was amazing, completely unlike anything I've ever done before. The day started with a 4:30am wake up call to jump on the bus and get into town for a bite to eat (not that I was hungry as I was too nervous!). ...

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    Fri 02/04/2010 Comments (0) Craig Mckeand 551 views
  • Pamplona - Our Barca Bulls tour 2009

    We landed in Barcelona and the temperature was 32 degrees, so we loved Spain instantly! We enjoyed the beaches and soaked up as much sun as we could get. The Siestas and the food were just another luxury we indulged in! We tried heaps of di...

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    Fri 02/04/2010 Comments (0) Karen Inkster 197 views

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